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In this issue of the Dining Guide everyone is invited to give in to their passion for delicious cakes. Forget for a moment about the calories and the potential side effects of eating too of it that every physician warns about. Think about the joy of having a nice piece of cake and ask yourself, what could possibly be more dangerous to your health – a constant negation of your body’s longing something sweet or a conscious moment of culinary pleasure? This is no medical advice, of course, and everyone has to answer this question for themselves. If you take up our invitation, though, you will find in this issue a list of bakeries, and even a list of recommended cakes that you can start with.

YOGI MAHOUT on City Now Chiang Mai
YogiMahout-on-CityNow-ChiangMaiCityNow! is a sister publication of the number one English language magazine in the north of Thailand, Citylife, and its web site, CityNow! was launched both online and in print version (published every two weeks) in 2006 and has since become recognised

as the only and best source of upcoming events in the north of Thailand for both Thai and English visitors to our city and Chiang Mai residents. CityNow! is distributed to over 300 locations in Chiang Mai city as well as having this online presence.


RSM on Nancy Chandler Map of Chiang Mai

Nancy Chandler Map

About Nancy Chandler’s Map of Chiang Mai NEW!
For many visitors, Chiang Mai’s real appeal is in its secret sights, shops and cafes hidden down side streets and back alleyways, behind temples and inside otherwise nondescript lots. Nancy Chandler’s Map of Chiang Mai shares these treasures, with extensive listings of everything from private museums and boutiques open ‘by appointment only’ to massage,

cooking and Thai language schools, vegetarian restaurants, noodle stalls, things to do with the kids, tips for escaping the heat in summer, where to catch a European film, and more. The map includes detailed guides to the Night Bazaar and the backstreets of Warorot Market (Chiang Mai’s Chinatown) as well as Greater Chiang Mai and the City Center.